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20 Inspiring Midjourney Prompts to Boost Your Creativity

Midjourney prompts offer endless creative possibilities and inspire artists to explore new techniques and styles. Collaborating with Midjourney AI is an exhilarating experience with endless possibilities. Crafting targeted yet imaginative prompts has become an art form. To master it, explore successful examples from others and learn their techniques.

MidJourney’s creation: The Fancy Express Train

1. MidJourney prompts can inspire artists to create surrealist artworks

Emerging as a literary revolution in the 20th century, Surrealism delved into the depths of the mind, celebrating the irrational, poetic, and revolutionary. This art style has redefined the way we envision and perceive art.

Prompt: Turtle in Alice In Wonderland, surrealism

MidJourney’s Surrealist Turtle Creation

2. Using Midjourney prompts, you can create Phantasmal Iridescent artwork with ease

Provide you with a vibrant and imaginative visual.

Prompt: Phantasmal Iridescent musical box

MidJourney’s Creation: The Ethereal and Shimmering Music Box

3. A as B

Experiment with this prompt to invent unique creatures or objects: [Subject] portrayed as [Subject].

Prompt: Bear as a space commander

MidJourney’s Creation: The Space Commander Bear

4. [Subject ] made out of [material]

“Use a variety of materials to invent one-of-a-kind objects, characters, architectures, and more, and let your creativity soar.

Prompt: Isometric Castle out of colorful flowers

MidJourney’s Creation: The Colorful Flower Castle

5. Paper art creations

Unleash your artistic potential with paper art and craft distinctive visual effects.

Prompt: 3-d model, coffee shop, blue and fancy paper art

MidJourney’s Creation: A Blue and Elegant Paper Art 3D Model of a Coffee Shop

6. Midjourney prompts can help create layered paper designs

Create a stunning layered effect in just a few minutes by layering coordinating papers on top of one another – it’s an incredible visual outcome

Prompt: Layered paper of wave, aesthetic, epic detail, dreamy blue color, starry night

MidJourney’s Creation: The Layered Paper Wave Artwork.

7. Isometric art

Isometric art offers a distinctive and stunning method of presenting 2D objects from a 3D perspective. The isometric art created by V4 is breathtaking, showcasing exceptional artistry that can leave you speechless, even with minimal guidance.

Prompt: Isometric art of a cup of coffee,with creativity and ideas flowing, dreamy summer color palette,aestehtic, minimal design

MidJourney’s Creation: The Isometric Art of a Coffee Cup.

8. Naive art

Prompt: Octopus naive artArtwork created in a childlike style.

MidJourney's Creation: The Naive Art Octopus.
MidJourney’s Creation: The Naive Art Octopus.

9. Explode Objects by Nychos

Nychos, an acclaimed illustrator, urban artist, and graffiti artist hailing from Austria, is renowned for his distinctive cross-sectional, dissected X-ray, and ‘Exploded View’ street art style.

Prompt: Explode planets by Nychos

MidJourney’s Creation: The 3D Exploded Planets Artwork by Nychos.

10. Midjourney prompts can help you create stunning 3D loop animations

Transform your 3D objects with an incredible technique that seamlessly applies looped images, resulting in vivid and deep effects that bring your artwork to life.

Prompt: A 3D loop fingerprint ( by WILLIAM )

MidJourney’s Creation: The 3D Loop Fingerprint Artwork

11. Matrix Raining Code

The Matrix Digital Rain, an iconic element of the Matrix film series, symbolizes the simulated reality world of the Matrix. This falling code has gained immense popularity in kinetic typography, serving as a striking visual representation of the Matrix’s activity on screen.

Prompt: Matrix raining code, digits, spiderman

MidJourney’s Creation: The Spiderman Matrix Raining Code Artwork

12. Futuristic

This artistic style emphasizes the qualities of dynamism, speed, technology, and youth.

Prompt: Futuristic artificial intelligence 4k image

MidJourney’s Creation: A Futuristic Artificial Intelligence 4K Image.

13. Cyberpunk style

“This futuristic style blends elements of lowlife and high tech to create a unique aesthetic. It adds a cinematic effect to your images.

Prompt: Snail in a cyberpunk style created by PanzerSnail

MidJourney’s Creation: A Cyberpunk-style Snail Artwork.

14. Blacklight

Blacklight is an artistic effect that is only visible under ultraviolet light, creating a unique and striking visual experience/

Prompt: Blacklight volcano

Experience the mesmerizing beauty of a blacklight volcano with this stunning creation by MidJourney. Watch as the lava and ash come alive under ultraviolet light, creating a breathtaking and otherworldly effect.

15. Midjourney prompts can help create impressive and informative diagrammatic drawings

Diagrams are a powerful tool for visually communicating complex ideas. By utilizing shapes, lines, and text, diagrams can simplify and clarify even the most intricate concepts, all within a two-dimensional space.

Prompt: Diagramatic drawing of the structure of Tokyo Tower

A diagrammatic representation of the Tokyo Tower structure, created with MidJourney.

A diagrammatic representation of the Tokyo Tower structure, created with MidJourney.

16. Infographic drawing

Infographics are a visually appealing method of presenting data, information, and knowledge in a manner that is easy to understand.

Prompt: Infographic drawing of iron man suit

With an infographic drawing, you can present the features of the Iron Man suit in a visually engaging way that makes complex information easy to understand. Created with MidJourney, this graphic showcases the suit’s advanced technology and capabilities.

17. Character concept design sheet

A character concept turnaround sheet can be created to showcase a character from various angles.

Prompt: Wizened old female fortuneteller, head, close up character design, multiple concept designs, concept design sheet, white background, style of Yoshitaka Amano

A character turnaround sheet featuring a wise and aged female fortune teller, crafted using MidJourney.

18. Stained Glass window

Stained glass is a stunning art form that utilizes colored glass to create exquisite windows and other decorative items that allow light to filter through.

Prompt: Stained glass window of a wolf under the moon

A stained glass artwork featuring a wolf howling under the moon, crafted using MidJourney.

19. Midjourney prompts can inspire the creation of stunning double exposure images

Double exposure is a creative technique that blends two different images together to create a captivating and distinct picture.

Prompt: Double exposure of a wolf and a mountain, natural scenery, watercolor art

A wolf and mountain double exposure artwork created using MidJourney.

20. Knolling

Knolling is an art form that involves arranging various items in a neat 90-degree formation, creating an aesthetically pleasing and organized display.

Prompt: Knolling of solar system, photo realistic ( by Alizer027 )

=Arrangement of the solar system in knolling style, created with MidJourney.


Overall, the world of art is vast and diverse, offering endless opportunities for artists to create and inspire. With the help of modern technology and innovative techniques, artists can continue to push boundaries and captivate audiences with their unique visions and creativity with Midjourney prompts.

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